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    2010 Camaro SS vs 1968 Camaro SS


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    2010 Camaro SS vs 1968 Camaro SS

    Post by subaru-offroad on Sun May 31, 2009 12:36 pm

    Which one is better, the 1968 Camaro SS or the 2010 Camaro SS?

    This is an interesting race and comparison, the 2010 Camaro SS vs a 1968 Camaro SS! Watch the race and content below then comment your thoughts!

    Click here to see: 2010 Camaro SS vs 1968 Camaro SS

    My thoughts: I think the '68 Camaro does great for being under powered, and over forty years old. It's kind of a refreshment to see how much we have come forward in technology yet it really isn't that much better. The older Camaro actually hangs with the new one. I think this has something to do with weight! The new one is almost 800 pounds heavier than the older one.

    Overall, I like both but I have to say the 1968 is my favorite. Even with less technology, it still keeps up. In my opinion, this is very impressive!

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